Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Rate assignments!

1-favorite 6-least favorite

1.-Multiplane animation

Surprisingly the freestyle was not my favorite, I just didnt have enough time to have made it as I would have liked and things kept going wrong. But I am really happy I learned how to do a scannimation that is really cool!! Just was time consuming and I didnt like how the sound turned out.
My favorite assignment was the sound of multiplane  and the concept of a rhythmic video.
I just wish I would have taken the time to learn how to do the 3D edits but because Im so new to premier it was just straight over my head.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Rough Theatre

Well, theatre is always rough in my world. Especially this past weekend during a stage performance an audience member enjoying her own laughter and beverage decided to laugh louder that the buildings walls, unexpectedly to our attention we started a new game of dodging the sporadic screaming laugh so that the rest of the crowd could here us. The same audience member had stood up during the show to ask the lighting department if she could go on stage and although completely disrupting, I think it would have been hilarious. Theres nothing quite like live theatre. Film will never be able to change its delivery the moment the audience is watching, and the roughness and raw atmosphere of performing or watching whenever and wherever is where i personally find the one special aspect. I have been on grand stages glimmering with chandeliers, the old buildings are always filled with so much enchanting character. I suppose the one difference between watching a play and watching a film is the atmosphere change. I wish in our generation there were more spectators of the theatre, and not just popular theatre thats over priced where you have to sit still and old people yell at you if you sneeze too loud, on that note I am a fan of rough theatre for my demographic. (unless I'm seeing phantom or something big). I think where were heading on the final project dealing with secondary senses while watching the film could be an attempt relating to theaters characteristics to some degree.

Monday, June 1, 2015

wheres the camera

"Cameraless" film assignment, to me was a way of creating homemade filters and creating a film that we only had a certain amount of control with. I was most nervous about how my animation would turn out, because I drew with a tiny ball point waterproof pen. I ended up drawing Chinese fire and water symbols that twirled clockwise, and I would gradually draw them a little bit thicker as I went down the film. To my surprise they worked! What didn't work for me was trying to use a lighter to burn a needle and imprint on the film, so instead I got a lighter and heated up scissors and the first mark just cut straight across. Therefore the rest of the time I just had to do light X marks. The magazine transfer was my favorite part of the process, I think its pretty cool how tape can just copy right over. Overall I loved this project! Not knowing how it was going to turn out when we slid it through the projector was the most exciting part. I also used my own bleach at home, which after about a minute I was able to smear and smudge, intertwining pieces of tape about an inch apart. I think the final project once watching the film became very beautiful, especially the blue ink on the clear film. I hope to do more experimental camera less art work in the future because of how abstract and unique each persons film turned about.  

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Media FAST

Well, I cant say I didn't check my email frequently and reached for my phone while sliding to find the Instagram icon but I would say my media fast was about 90% successful! I didn't log on to my Instagram for 72 hours, and it was really relieving because that is my go to in the morning and while waiting for anything. I erased the app and after the fast was over I downloaded it to scroll, and as of right now I went ahead an erased it again. Social media can just get to annoying, I'm already not on Facebook only have an account for casting calls and opportunities. The hardest thing for me was keeping my talk radio turned off and forgetting whenever I was in the car. I have every radio preset to my 88.5 The Word, and I constantly fill quietness with preachers blaring through my speakers or phone. My favorite part of the fast was yelling at my boyfriend to turn off the TV and radio making him embrace the silence. I am not heavily involved with social media but at the same time I check my Instagram all throughout the day and can burn so much time on that thing. I also just started leaving my phone at home after the first 24 hours, I think that's the best way to do it. Which makes me happy I am so sick of carrying around hundreds of dollars in my pocket and freaking out every time I cant find it...I keep saying I want to activate my flip phone for the summer so I don't have to stress.  Here I am enjoying the 72 hours, it was hard not to text a lot of people because I had to promote a play I was doing and I kept justifying my reasoning's for messages so as the 72 hours went on I slowly got better. I don't know what to say about our media crazed world, it's obviously over used and depended on, but here I am justifying having a Facebook (with no pics) to find casting, and an Instagram because I love photos and there is hilarious stuff on there. Just like every aspect of our lives here in America, what is overused is unhealthy, we all have a big issue with moderation! Plus these IPhones are pieces of crap, I'm so over it. I think social media was more fun when you could only use  a computer to access it that way when your out in the real world, there isn't a computer attached to your dang hip at all times.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Senses in a blender

There is so much to be discovered with Synesthesia, at first when I started reading about it I wasn’t sure if it was a documented fact, but it sounded familiar and I believe makes much sense. After watching the video, and from my own opinions I feel as if synesthesia is a way of making connections, and can be extremely important to ones ways of thinking. Not to mentioning clicking on the Wiki page "Not to be confused with Synthesia." If you click on Synthesia it takes you to a link about a game called piano hero! Again enforcing my visual rapid learning skills, when I was young I had a key board that lit up to play the keys ect, which is similar to this game. I don't exactly know why that is considered Cymatics but possibly just "seeing music". There are ways people today could develop if exploring the alternative ways, against the public school systems...For me, I have always sort of had a very high level of empathy and awareness of others internal emotions in ways I cant exactly explain, throughout the whole body similar to reading about the mirror synesthesia, I can feel others personalities immediately and current feelings as they speak, I don’t know how similar that is to mirror synesthesia but I have always associated colors with peoples being, it is a natural form of making connections. Although I did look up some videos on youtube and I think its crazy that people smell sounds! Its almost harder to write a blog on the information provided without wanting to do more research and hear what people with these hyper blended senses feel and think. Cymatic artwork is all around me here in Wilmington being relatively more “trippy” forms of posters or drawings and reminds me of images I see in a kaleidoscope! I don’t think there is any secret between the interesting blends and crossed wires of senses, I also after seeing the math example Daniel Tammet gave, is helpful for visual learners such as myself. All I know is that the topic of LSD and Synesthesia is a whole different blog to discuss the intertwine between what seems to be the study of Synesthesia. Maybe in some form we humans all do have a type of cross sensory and may not even be aware, or we are so blocked in our conditional ways of thinking that it takes the use of substances to bring forth heightened blends of new worlds and visions. I shouldn't say "we" because artists still exist and thank God for that...There is something so mysterious about Cymatics, it's like hearing music in a new way and syncing our eyes with our ears and our souls. Ok, maybe not souls, but the video experiments where pretty cool.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Post 1 May.18

First impression of video...
Duplicate from my paper

The music was annoying, "let me get up on it" constantly replaying and throbbing, but the voice over interlude caught my attention. The phrases sounded like infomercials. The beginning about first 30 sec to a minute of credits was nauseating for me, makes me car sick when the frame gets too shifty while attempting to read the screen all at once with the pixels. Amused when those pixels that became distinctive shapes like the planet  looked like Saturn, with the ring around it. The whole film reminded me of an abstract painting, people clearly jumped out the most for me, such as the little boy near the end holding a camera or telescope? The film makes me second guess what I remember watching. Distinct rhythm to the music although chaotic. The quick shuffle of words across the screen kept me focused on trying to read the sentences as if hypnotized.